Matt Wolff

     Matt builds all of our custom furniture, runs the shop, and takes down barns.  That’s right, all our beautiful furniture is hand built by him!  Talk about talented!  His favorite thing about Wolff Wood Designs is the peace he finds while woodworking. Matt left his long-time career due to debilitating PTSD.  Quite frankly, Wolff Wood Designs saved his life.  Working with wood calms him and helps him find peace.  The business has been an interictal part of his recovery.

     Matt builds incredible relationships with all of our costumers to ensure that they are getting exactly what they envision!  When Matt is not working in the shop and taking down barns, you can find him fishing with his dad, sitting in his tree stand, and hanging out with his family!  Without Matt, Wolff Wood Designs would be nothing!

Jodie Wolff

     Jodie is the CEO of Wolff Wood Designs and is the reason we have a business!  She is in charge of making all of the beautiful barn board signs, door hangers, home décor, and managing the office!  Her favorite thing about Wolff Wood Designs is, “I love to create things that bring joy to others! Seeing customer’s ideas come to life is so exciting! Nothing makes me happier than seeing a huge smile on our customer’s faces!”  Talk about dedication to a job! 

      She manages a 9-5 and a 5-9!  Jodie is an online Special Education Teacher in addition to the role she plays at Wolff Wood Designs!   In her free time you find her reading a book, hanging with her 3 children, and volunteering as Housing Corporation President Delta Zeta Sorority.  Jodie loves family time! Her favorite place to be is sitting around her dining room table with friends and family!

Reagan Wolff

     Reagan is in charge of all our social media accounts! She also helps Jodie with making signs and helps take orders, as well.  Her favorite part of Wolff Wood Designs is “The ability to practice what I am going to school for and use those tools for our business.  I also get to see the passion in my parents faces everyday when they get to create new projects for our customers!  It is a dream come true getting to work in the family business with my parents.” 

     Reagan is one busy girl!  She is a full time student at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater! She is majoring in Marketing with an emphasis in digital marketing!  She also works part time at UPS loading trucks, as well as a peer mentor for freshmen at UW-Whitewater.  When Reagan is not running the social media pages, going to school, or working, you can find her relaxing!  She loves hanging with her boyfriend, seeing her friends, and being active in her sorority Delta Zeta!

Jack Wolff

     Jack’s role in Wolff Wood Designs is helping take down barns!  He also helps in the shop when needed.  Jack’s favorite thing about Wolff Wood Designs is, “seeing how dedicated my parents are to our business, and the joy it brings them when they get to make custom pieces everyday.”  

     Jack is currently finishing up his senior year of high school and will be graduating in December, 2021.  He plans on joining the trades after graduation.  In his free time you can find Jack outdoors!  He enjoys hunting, seeing friends, and playing with his Chocolate Lab Remi!  Without Jack barn takedown would be impossible!  Keep up the hard work, Jack!