How Do I Purchase?

You will notice that there aren't options to buy directly from the website. We make each item to meet your specific needs. You may want a king size bed made two inches longer to account for thick blankets, you may want a holiday sign on reclaimed wood rather than barnboard. There are so many different options available and we want to make sure the item you are buying meets your exact needs!

To place an order, simply send an email to: [email protected] and let us know what you are interested in. We will get in touch to be sure that we customize your order.

Barn Board Wedding Signs

We can customize signs for your special day. Couples have used these signs as their guestbook, having their guests sign the board to create a keepsake. We will work with you to choose fonts and layouts.

6"x6" - $15.00

6"x12" - $25.00

6"x24" - $50.00

12"x24" - $150.00

24"x24" - $200.00

32" Circle - $200.00

12"x12"x12" Card Box - $250.00